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Disposal of State Lands.

  1. Process of Disposal of Land under the State Lands Ordinance.

    This ordinance states for what purpose and in what extents the state lands should be given to citizens and organizations.

  2. Process of Disposal of Lands Under the Land Development Ordinance.

    Under this process, lands are granted to people of Sri Lanka belonging to such classes as cultivators, low income people high income people and the educated youth for agricultural purpose or for building houses for residence or for both these purposes. No land is granted outside these purposes under this ordinance.

  3. Process of Disposal of Lands under the Land Grants (Special Provisional)Act.

    Lands belonging to the Land Reforms Commission under the Land Reforms Act are given to persons in the cultivators class for agricultural purpose or for building houses for residence or for both these purposes under this law.

  4. Issue of Documents of Legal Rights for Disposed State Lands “Ranbima” grants.

    A person who receives a permit under section 19 (4) of Land Development Ordinance should develop the land well and pay all fees payable to the government on time for receiving the grant. This grant is prepared by the Divisional Secretary of the area where the land is situated. When it is sent to the Provincial Land Commissioner of Uva it well be checked and sent to, the Land Commissioner general for obtaining the H.E. the President’s signature. On receipt of the grant it will be sent through this department and through the Divisional Secretary to the Land Registry. After registration the original well be handed over to the grantee.

  5. Disposition Instrument

    This grant is provided to selected persons under the Land grants (Special Provisions) Act No. 43 of 1973. No Service charge will be levied for this grant. Preparation of this grant is similar to that of the Ranbima grant.

  6. Long Term Lease Permits

    This lease permit is granted under the State Lands Ordinance No.8 of 1947. Long Term Leases are granted to persons and institutions for a period of 30 years for residential, agricultural and commercial purposes. This period of lease may be extended on the successful performance during the first period. This transfer and mortgage can be granted on the prior approval of the Land Commissioner General.

  7. Issue of grants Under the State Lands Ordinance

    When a land is leased for residential purpose grant can be issued taking its success into consideration and after recovering the undeveloped value of the land. The person concerned will get the full possession of the land on the issue of such a grant.

  8. Issue of Deed of Pooja under the State Land Ordinance.

    Pooja Deeds are made available to Buddhist temples. At first a primary lease bond will be granted to the Dayaka Sabha. Subsequently Viharadhipathi Thero and the lineage of pupils will be granted the pooja Deed and thereafter a free grant.

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