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All Divisional Secretariats are directed in accordance with the government Land Policy decided by the Central government. Control and administration of government owned lands falling under the Provincial Council of Uva, granting these lands to various persons, and establishments, performance of functions for conservation and development of such lands are the main functions of this department. Accordingly the basic role of assisting the making of policies on lands and implementing them has been entrusted to this department which is also consulted in taking action on lands belonging to various government affiliated institutions. In implementing the state Land Policy, this department functions in coordination with the divisional administration. Thus the land administration work within the area of authority of Uva Province is Supervised by the Divisional Secretaries as well. Divisional Secretary is the officer at the divisional level who deals with the work of Land Commissioner general of the Central government as well as with the work of the Provincial Land Commissioner as well. All these three establishments function under the same legal framework .

Although certain powers of administrating lands situated in the area of authority of the Uva Provincial Council have been vested, main role of this department is to maintain a continuous relationship with the Divisional Secretaries of the Province, to provide consultancy service on required legal matters and to attend to the inquiries made by the general public on the necessity of implementing a common policy throughout the province .

Land Development

In carrying out settlement programmes at the inception in Sri Lanka a Land Development Department was established in order to implement land development programmes. That Department implemented all infrastructure facility development work as well as human development programme taking sociological factors into consideration. On Closing down of that department by the government in 1980s , this volume of work had to tie performed by the Land Commissioner’s Department. Accordingly by now, land development work in the Uva Province in accordance with the village expansion schemes are attended to by the Land Commissioner’s  Department of the Uva Province. Under this, development of undeveloped land, maintenance of internal roads, supply of drinking water, conservation of water reservations and implementation of special settlement projects are carried out .

  1. Transfer Orders Under the State Lands Ordinance

    Lands are transferred to the three armed forces and to the local government institutions. Transfer orders should be prepared for this purpose.

  2. Release of lands under the State Lands Ordinance.

    When lands are provided to government departments, a certificate of release of Land is issued

  3. Taking action under the State Lands (Recovery of Possession) Act

    When a person has encroached a portion of state land, action will be taken under the State lands (Recovery of Possession) Act. No.7 of 1979 and steps will be taken to remove the encroaches.

  4. Collection of Land Revenue and Accounting

    Collection of money in respect of leased lands and keeping accounts of such lease revenue in respect of lands within the Provincial council of Uva is carried out under this activity. According the annual income estimates are prepared. Taking legal action against the defaulters of lease payment to recover arrears of lease and identification of new lessees is also done under this item.

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