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Background of the Department

Land powers have been entrusted to Provincial Councils in terms of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution and the Provincial council Act No. 42 of 1987. This has been done in terms of Appendix II  of the 13th the Amendment to the Constitution. The subject of lands has been devolved to the Provincial Council, subject to special provisions mentioned therein. Provincial Land Commissioners will be declared as Additional Land Commissioner general by a gazette proclamation and they will be empowered to function for the Land Commissioner general.

With the functioning of Provincial Councils in 1990. Land duties are handled by a Provincial Land Commissioner in place of Additional government Agent (Lands). Several Assistant Land Commissioners worked under him being in charge of zones. Even in Uva Province, land duties are performed by the Provincial Land Commissioner from 1990 through Divisional Secretaries Uva Province consists of Badulla District which has 15 Divisional Secretariats and Moneragala District which has 11 Divisional Secretariats. Uva Province has about 13% of the island’s total lands. Land duties are spread over 888 Grama Niladhari divisions.
Land duties so implemented faced another decentralization with the implementation of the Divisional Secretaries Act No.58 of 1992. Under this Act. The term Divisional Secretary has been substituted  for the term government agent mentioned in every ordinance. Thus the land duties performed by the government agent has been Entrusted to Divisional Secretaries, In this manner large volume of land duties are being performed by Divisional Secretaries. Hence land work which the public got done by going to the Kachcheri which was in the main city at a considerable distance which took several days to travel, could now be got done from the Divisional Secretariat in his own area of residence.

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