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Objectives, Activites and Strategies


  1. To maintain uniformed administrations.
  2. To maintain coordination among various sectors/ institutions so as to safeguard the equilibrium of environment.
  3. Conservation, development and management of state lands.
  4. Distribution of state lands among the public and various sectors
  5. Granting title ownership for lands already distributed.


  1. Planning and implementation of settlement schemes under the land Development Ordinance and issue of grants to lands already distributed.
  2. Leasing of lands under the state lands ordinance. Under this.
    • Long term leasing of lands for housing, agricultural and commercial purposes.
    • Issue of special and free grants.
    • Issue of deeds of pooja to Buddhist Viharas.
    • Operation of the process of releasing, leasing and transferring , lands to government departments, statutory bodies and local government institutions.
  3. Distribution of lands and issue of grants under the land grants (special provisions) Act.
  4. Protection of state lands and reservations under the State Lands(Recovery of Possession) Act.
  5. Provision and development of infrastructure facilities in settlement schemes.
  6. Provision of necessary instructions and guidance to Divisional Secretaries in regard to administration of state lands outside the inter provincial land development projects and major colonization schemes.


  1. Preparation of five year development plan.
  2. Fulfillment of library requirements.
  3. Making arrangements to provide training needs.
    • Training requirements on the subject of lands to Divisional Secretaries, Grama Niladharies, Colonization Officers, Development Assistants , Program Assistants and Management Assistants.
    • Identification of training needs of officers/ employees attached to the department and providing such training to them.
  4. Motivation and evaluation of officers.
  5. Implementation of the Productivity concepts.
  6. Maintenance of the department in divisions.
  7. Implementation of the Data Bank Programme.
  8. Inspection of Land Divisions in Divisional Secretariats and holding Provincial Days/ Mobile Services.
  9. Updating of the Departmental Record Room and sponsoring to repair and update record rooms of Divisional Secretariats .
  10. Surprise supervision of office and supervision of field duties.
  11. Conducting Research.
  12. Taking steps to improve information technology.
  13. Providing opportunities to officers to express their views
  14. Making available employment details to all officers and evaluation of performance the due date.
  15. Using suitable methodology to cover duties of vacant posts (by granting overtime and making acting appointments)
  16. Dealing with the public friendly (following a methodology to obtain views and suggestions, providing welfare facilities such as seating accommodation, toilet facilities, water supply facilities etc.)
  17. Making legitimate payments to other officers whose services are obtained to carry out land duties.
  18. Providing counseling serviced in respect of different subjects.
  19. Maintenance of an internal counseling service for the benefit of officers.
  20. Running a welfare society.
  21. Appointment of officers at zonal level for information and problem management.
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